Advertise With Us

Traffic:  8,000 – 10k impressions per month

Site Takeover ~  $100 Per Week:  This is where your ad is posted on our Splash Page, Site Background image, Header Banner, and a 468×60 Banner ad at the bottom of every post on the site. 

Background AD ~ $40 Per Week: Your graphic Ad will be the background image for the website. Only visible on desktop computers. (design template available)  Combine with splash page for $80 per week

Splash Page ~ $50 Per week: Full-screen advertisement that every visitor to the site will see before entering the site.  Can include Photo, video, or audio etc.  Visible on mobile and desktop.
Header Banner Ad (728×90) ~ $45 per month:  Header banner, next to website logo, visible on all pages of website.
Tower Banner Ad (160×600) ~ $45 per month:  Large side bar tower banner, visible on all pages.  
Post Footer Ad (468×60) ~ $40 per month:  Medium sized landscape banner visible at the bottom of every post.
Sidebar Square Ad (250×250) ~ $35 per month: Square ad on the site sidebar, visible on all pages.
Mini Square Sidebar Ad (125×125) $25 per month:  Square ad on the sidebar, visible on all pages.


Artist Spotlight ~ $85 per month:  Page dedicated to your music, videos, events, etc.  Spotlight Banner placed on sidebar; visible on every post and page.



Twitter promo:

Twitter promo package where we will tweet out a promo tweet about your project/business 3x a day (Morning, Noon, & Evening).  The cost is $15 per day.

If you are interested in advertising with us, please contact us at to get started

Other Services:

AD design:  Our in-house graphic designer will design your ad

  • additional $20 for banner ads
  • additional $50 for Splash Page & Site Takeover packages

Graphic Design services:

  • Website Design
  • Album Artwork
  • Business Cards
  • Promo Material (flyers, posters, etc)

Contact for a quote